1. I start my scary real person job in five days. I’m really thankful to have such supportive parents and I’m really really thankful to have a super crazy great girlfriend who lets me mooch off of her and live in her house and get on her nerves and annoy her all the time. She’s been the best for my confidence and I love her a lot even though I don’t get to see Neutral Milk Hotel but that’s okay I’ll just put on my own show¬†Neutral Bentley Hotel.

    But yeah I love you!

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    My girlfriend is absolutely gorgeous and I am the luckiest guy

    *my girlfriend

    Nice try

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  3. My girlfriend is absolutely gorgeous and I am the luckiest guy

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  4. I found the love of my life and this song at the same time, and it holds a special place in my heart.

    "Excuse me, I have a serious situation. I think my eyelids are broken. I should see nothing when I close them, but I see your face smiling up at me."

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  5. 85% of my tumblr is me talking about how great my girlfriend is and the other 15% is reblogging things on her tumblr because I never actually go to my dash.

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    baja blastoise

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  10. Shout out to probably going to the doctor tomorrow because I am getting sicker by the minute. Feeling absolutely miserable was not my #1 choice for a graduation present.