1. Guess what guys my girlfriend is the coolest*

    *holding me hostage**

    **Actually not that bad though she’s hot and nerdy

  2. Rest in peace, grandma.


  3. - Got a job at Cisco (thank goodness)

    - Got a fantastic girlfriend (Ella)

    - Kept a fantastic girlfriend (Ella)

    - Went to see St. Vincent (Present to myself) (also for Ella’s birthday I guess)

    - Going to see Modest Mouse in May (Ella)

    - Going to see Manchester Orchestra in May (Ella)

    I mean I guess my girlfriends perfect or whatever and I have the most fun with her or something nbd (I love you and you make me really genuinely the happiest).

  5. bubbles-the-dragon-rawr:

    Team Fortress 2: Blu Team

    (via jeff-mangos)

  6. Manchester Orchestra - Don’t Speak (No Doubt cover)


  7. I love you.


  8. Only a couple of weeks until St. Vincent with Ella.

    THEN only a few weeks until the Carolina Cup with Ella

    THEN only like a month until Manchester Orchestra with Ella.

    So basically I have a badass girlfriend that I get to do awesome stuff all the time with. So my life is pretty awesome.

    Also finished the last of my Cisco interviews so I hope that goes well.

  9. Yowza if this girl wasn’t ice cold to me all the time she’d be too hot to handle.

    Luckily she makes sure that isn’t the case.